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Why WildWood?

Its such a great name for so many reasons that I think it fits this blog perfectly.

Wildwood is a small village in Alberta Canada just outside of the Oil City Edmonton. The village used to be on the main northern Canada Highway so the biggest feature in the town is a Motel with all sorts of amenities – bar, automatic teller machien, you can sell silver – that sort of stuff.

Thing is government rerouted the highway and now its just an offramp that you will very likely overlook (if you are not desperate for a place to sleep). That kinda killed the village which seemed to had a good life on the road. The Motel is scraping by and you donĀ“t have any visitors to the bar on a normal night other then the odd local. When I was there there was the bar tender, one guy my age (the wood cutter) and the owner in the bar on a Saturday night. So you have all sorts of concepts about the deplorables in a village like this. Yes they are calling themself rednecks. Yes they drive pickups – yet I talked to them for a long long night and it was stunning what I got to know.

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