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Humus Festival 2017

Ein “kleiner” Persönlicher Rückblick

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So it seems I am blogging again…

Its been 6 years to the day when I last put words on a blog I call my own – a blog I had started all the way back in 2003. There have been two guest blogging adventures in the time between but generally I have been pretty absent from this side of the web resorting to twitter mostly to get my most pressing thoughts out and share some interesting findings without much comment.

So what has changed? I have changed. The world has changed. I didn´t feel like I could add anything substantial to the web in the last years. I went through a lot of transformation. One could say I found my soul. Permaculture has entered my life. I have grown older – more thoughtful (hopefully ;). Most importantly I have become way more positive. I think the world needs a substantial debate about ways forward that are constructive and cheerful. I have had enough from dystopian views shaping our future. I also departed from the tech positive world view to enter life under the ethics of permaculture: Earth Care, People Care and Creating and Sharing Surpluses.

Its personal surpluses that I intend to share here. Ideas, thoughts, stories, pictures – from my life on the farm, in nature, with awesome people online and offline.

So as this sounds all cheerful and great – there will be times where I might vent my frustrations here. Sometimes things have to get out – we live in difficult times and they get to everybody with a little bit of brain left. Its therapeutic to get them out – so this will be (hopefully a small) part here for sure – I won´t hold back. I will try though to add constructive ideas if there are any but don´t hold me to it.

While I write this for me mostly I hope there are things that some of you like, that cheer you up, that activate you to actions, that start beautiful discussions. If you have something to discuss, say, share with me or just want to add let me know – comments will be open or send a mail.


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